Greg Buckner, John Sanders

The Young People Willing Workers (YPWW) Department is the Youth Department of the Church of God in Christ. It was formed in the beginning of the Church and had sessions in the National Convocations and District Meetings.

Media Ministry

Darrell Collins, Jacob Smith, Marketta Timmons, Da'Quan Anderson

Media-Designed to broadcast the ministry of Jones Valley Community COGIC and Elder Melton R. Timmons by offering a professional and creative approach in the way the message of Christ is communicated to the world. We do this through the use of television, radio and the Internet.

Nursing Department

Aberdine Eaton, Betty Robert

The Jones Valley Church Nursing Ministry strives to continue the work of Christ by working within the congregation in ways which foster health, healing, and the caring aspects of the church community.

Usher Department

Fern Caldwell, Margaret Williams

The Usher board consists of men and women who have organized and dedicated themselves as one to keep order and peace in the Lord’s house. This usher plays the role of a silent evangelist. The usher gives the first impression with a smile which reassures the person that they are in the Lord’s house.

Bible Band

LaQueta Timmons, Mother Bizor

The purpose of Bible band is to train men and women to know their bibles that they may become acquainted with the Word of God. In knowing God’s word, you will be able to lead others to God’s righteousness. The principal objective is for Christ to be in the hearts of God’s people and for their testimonies to always honor Him.


Mother Bizor, Debra Page

Deaconess is to be women worthy of respect, not malicious talkers but temperate and trustworthy in everything.

Transportation Ministry

Bro. John Sanders

The Transportation Ministry provides assistance to those needing transportation to church services and church-related events
Call 903 593 7202

Sunday School

Greg Buckner

The first Sunday School was started in Lexington, Mississippi, by Professor L.W. Lee in 1908. Professor Lee was the Principal of the College at Natchez, Miss. He was saved under Elder C. P. Jones in 1895. He was the first Sunday School Superintendent of the Church.


Sis. Brooke Smith

The prime purpose of the Y.W.C.C. is to gather together young women and channel their minds into productive motives of Christian endeavor. This is the training station for every faucet of women's work. Here they are trained to be homemakers, lovers of their husbands, ministers' wives, bishops' wives, auxiliary leaders, prayer warriors and lovers of their God. Faith in and eternal Power is a requisite, for except our young women are led to God, they will be most miserable.

Youth Department

Davina Austin, Cha'Tory Buckner

With the increasing number of philosophies and doctrinal dogmas circulating and targeting America’s youth, it is vitally imperative for the youth of the church to be educated in the biblically based doctrines of the Church of God in Christ. We also have a very active Praise Dance ministry. Our mission is to spread the good news of the Lord by relaying God's message through the worship of dance.

Benevolent & Plant A Seed

Pattie Warren, Debbie Warren

The benevolent arm of the Church Of God In Christ Inc. religious denomination, is committed to taking an active role in raising funds to help support those in need.

Pastor Aide

Mother Bizor

We are a group of people with a goal to first do the will of God and next aide our pastor and his wife. We must lead the congregation to fulfill the biblical responsibilities of proving for the pastor’s needs. We ensure that the pastor is able to faithfully and effectively fulfill his ministerial responsibilities and support his endeavors both professionally and personally.

Food Service Committee

Dina Seaton

This ministry exists to provide food for designated church events.

Hospitality Dept.

Sis. Rolanda Sanders

Our Hospitality Ministry involves many people in our church and is our way of ensuring that each person who enters our doors is welcomed as a brother or sister in Christ

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